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5 tips for feeding birds this season

Feeding birds can seem to be an easy task but a beginner can make a few errors regarding the same. Watching birds feed on seeds and grains on your porch or backyard can be a pleasant experience. Although it seems like a simple task, doing it wrong can cause a few issues such as birds hitting your windows and roof and uninvited bird species. With over 25 years experience in birds and grain care, Dave’s Pet and Garden Supplies recommend the top tips for casual bird feeding.

1)   Open Tray feeders

Open tray feeders allow easy access to birds and provides quick results. It also allows birds to get away easily ina dangerous situation. Open tray feeders stacked with sunflower seeds can be a great addition to your backyard.

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2)   Ground Feeders

You could also add a ground feeding option in addition to open feeders. You could stock them with sunflower feeds and mixed grains for the birds who are a bit shy to go for the open feeders. Birds like sparrows and doves prefer getting food ont he ground then on a open tray.

3)   Minimal Portionsa

Birds love dry and fresh food so always try to stock the feeder with them. Check for any mould or wet grains in the feeder. Feeding birds is all about the frequency and the portions.

4)   Be thoughtful of the windows

With increased birds coming to your door for food and shelter, it can be a gnarly siuation as the birds can swoop in to your invisible doors. A great way to minimise birds hitting your windows is by placing sticker on the window. The stickers can loosely resemble a predator and the birds would always want to stay away.

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5)   Maintain Hygiene

Although, your feeders are placed for birds, pesky rodents such as rats, mice and rabbits can get into it. The results can be very annoying and can also cause a health issues.


Dave’s Pet and Garden Supplies stock the highest grade bird food such as avigrain, finch mix and budgie mix.


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