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Burnout at Work: How to Help Employees Cope 

Staff burnout is a fashionable topic, psychologists say, akin to depression. Like depression, burnout is often confused with laziness and bad moods. However, employee burnout is a really serious problem both for the employee and the employer because it doesn’t only make them play at https://mystery-museum.com instead of working but also affects their state negatively. The signs and ways to fight this disease, as well as the prevention of a mass burnout of employees are explained below.

Top 3 Signs of Staff Burnout

Deadlines Are Burning out

The first sign of staff burnout is procrastination in completing work tasks and a drop in activity level. This manifests itself in a lack of enthusiasm for new tasks and visible fatigue.

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Where to Get Money?

Strange as it may seem, but insufficient material motivation can also lead to employee burnout. The point here is that an employee may have an internal attitude and need for a specific amount of money that is needed once a month. But the salary at the current place of work is lower. At the same time, the specialist may demonstrate a desire to take on more tasks and responsibilities, to strive for promotion. If these needs remain unmet for any reason, it also leads to a defocusing of the employee’s attention on work tasks and professional burnout.

What’s About Vocation

Workers who are burned out most often are those who are not happy with their profession or the place where they work. And money is not always the deciding factor. Specialists who are happy with their pay and work for a company only because of their high salary often realize that the work doesn’t bring them any moral satisfaction. Such a situation is a direct path to burnout.

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In fact, diagnosing a burnout doesn’t require any special training or knowledge. In fact, the symptoms are always visible. It’s enough for a manager to be more attentive and sensitive to the staff’s problems. Ignoring the signals of burnout can lead to the loss of a particular valuable specialist.

6 Ways to Fight the Staff Burnout

Breaking It Down

When signs of burnout are detected in an employee that you wish to retain, the first thing to do is to divide his work tasks into stages. In this way, the execution of tasks will seem easier and will not frighten the performer, and the employee will be under the constant control of the manager.

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Getting Feedback

It’s reasonable to get feedback on what kind of help the burnout employee needs. Up to and including hiring an assistant. Of course, such a measure should correlate with the level and importance of the particular employee to the business.

Giving the Employee a Break

Give the employee the opportunity to take a break. If the employee smokes, let him smoke for as long as he needs to. It may be during this time that he’s thinking about solving the next work problem. Of course, this advice doesn’t apply to those professionals who are required to provide a continuous production process.

Holding a Team Building Event

Team building is an important event, including helping to deal with employee burnout. An informal event held in a team helps switch from work tasks, to feel like an important part of a team of like-minded people, to reset negative emotions and to reboot.

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Material and Non-material Motivation

Material rewards, especially for initiatives that have benefited the company, are another way to combat employee burnout. Recognizing achievements, praise and a little financial motivation is a way to show an employee that he or she is valuable to the company. Employees who notice that they are appreciated are more loyal to the company, take on tasks with more enthusiasm and are less likely to burn out.

Making a Day off a Reward

Incentives in the form of extra time off, such as a few days off, also help prevent burnout. Such a measure would maintain a balance of high productivity and energy saving. However, it should only be applied if the employee has really done something equivalent to such an encouragement.

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Vacations are not a panacea against burnout, not a privilege, but a legal right of the employee. Moreover, if you send an employee on leave with symptoms of burnout, it may be that they simply don’t want to come back from their leave. Or he will return to work with even more dissatisfaction.


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