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Characteristic of creative people

Possessing a creative mind helps to try novel things and involve ourselves in activities that help to unleash our inner potential completely. Are some individuals born with the ability to be creative, or is it an ability that can be developed like a muscle? Unfortunately we don’t have any portals or software to detect that, for example if there was a best software for online teaching of ways to develop the characteristics of a creative person. Becoming a creative thinker then would be very easy. However before becoming one we should understand what all are the characteristics of them. The below mentioned odd numbers of traits are identified as few of the significant characteristics of creative thinkers.

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Energized and laser-focused

Creative folks have a lot of physiological and psychological energy. They can work for hours on a single activity that maintains their attention and yet appear enthused. Getting a creative mind does not imply that you are always working on a specific creative or artistic project. People that are creative and artistic are inventive, curious, and spend a lot of time at rest, silently meditating on issues that interest them and permit their minds to explore.


Disciplined and Playful

One of the trademarks of creativity is a joyful attitude, yet this lightheartedness and excitement is complemented by a seemingly contradictory trait: endurance. Creative people are known for their tenacity and perseverance when working on a project. They may work on a project for so many hours, staying up late at night until they are satisfied.

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Consider your reaction if you encountered an artist. Their lives may appear to be thrilling, passionate, and opulent. Being a successful artist, on the other hand, necessitates a great deal of effort, which many people overlook. True creation requires both fun and hard labour, as any creative person knows.


Both realism and imagination are used to create this piece.


Daydreaming and imagining the world’s possibilities and wonders is something that many creative individuals like doing. They have the ability to lose themselves in fantasy and imagination remaining grounded enough to bring their fantasies to life. They’re called dreamers a lot, but that doesn’t mean they live in the sky.

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Scientists, artists, and musicians are among the creative kinds who can devise novel solutions to real-world problems. Others may dismiss their ideas as mere fantasies or inconsequential, yet creative people discover realistic ways to make their thoughts a reality.

Introverts and extroverts are two different types of people.


While it’s easy to label people as either extroverted or introverted, creative people are both. People are either more extroverted or introverted, according to research, and these personality traits are extremely consistent. Introverts and extraverts coexist in creative people. They are outgoing and silent, gregarious and reserved. Interacting with others can inspire and develop ideas, while retiring to a quiet environment allows creative people to fully explore these sources of creativity.

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Proud yet humble at the same time


Highly creative people are proud of their successes and achievements, but they are also mindful of their status in the world. They may have a great deal of respect for people in their area, as well as the impact that prior breakthroughs have had on their work. They recognise that their work is often exceptional in comparison  to that of others, but they do not dwell on it.


Traditional and revolutionary

By definition, creative individual think beyond the box, and we frequently associate them with being unconventional and even rebellious. Csikszentmihalyi argues that true creativity can only be achieved when cultural standards and traditions have been internalised.

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He claims that being both conservative and revolutionary is necessary for creativity. This entails being able to value and even embrace the past as a source of information while still looking for new and better methods to solve problems. In multiple ways, creative people are conservative, but they understand that invention requires taking chances at times.


Dedicated and goal oriented


Creative folks aren’t just interested in their work; they are enthralled by it. However, just because you’re enthusiastic about something doesn’t mean you’ll produce exceptional work. Imagine a writer who is so enamoured with their work that they refuse to change a single sentence. Creative people are capable of both enjoying and critically assessing their work.

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