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Colt Prattes

Facts of Colt Prattes
Full Name:Colt Prattes
Birthday:August 28, 1986
Wife:Angelina Mullins
Net Worth:N/A
Profession:An American artist, entertainer, stand-in, essayist

Colt Prattes is an American artist, entertainer, stand-in, essayist, just as a web-based media sensation who is acclaimed for his appearance as Johnny Castle in ABC’s revamp of the 80’s exemplary Dirty Dancing he arrived at another degree of distinction.

Early Life of Colt Prattes

Colt Prattes was born in the United States on August 28, 1986, under the zodiac sign of Virgo and with American nationality. Colt is well-known for his work as an artist, but he is also an on-screen character who rose to prominence after being cast to play Johnny Castle in the “Grimy Dancing” ABC remake of the well-known film. Colt hasn’t revealed much about his mother and father to the public, but the main thing he has revealed is that they both work in the police department.

Colt grew up watching movies on TV and was fascinated by musicals and the acting abilities of the people in them – he was most influenced by the films “Oil” and “Filthy Dancing,” which are credited with introducing him to acting.

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He began taking moving classes at a young age and was very popular among young ladies in secondary school because of his looks and his moving abilities; however, these same qualities caused him a problem with the Marlins school, as they labeled him gay and threatened him. Colt enrolled at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio and graduated three years later with a four-year college education.

Who is the Girlfriend of Colt Prattes?

Colt hasn’t said much about his affection existence with the general population, and similarly, little is known about his marriage and his other half. Because he can’t be heard discussing ladies, a large number of Colt’s fans assumed the famous on-screen character was gay, and his career in displaying and moving has also contributed to the spread of these gossipy tidbits.

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Colt’s main energy is working out, and he has five to six instructional meetings at the exercise center each week – he is additionally following an extremely exacting eating routine, and considers this to be something significant for both his wellbeing and his demonstrating profession.


Colt has his own favorite entertainers and on-screen characters in the film industry – his favorite on-screen actors are R. Lee Ermey and Brad Pitt, and his favorite on-screen characters are Megan Fox and Nicole Kidman. His favorite film of all time is “Filthy Dancing,” and his favorite TV show is “The Simpsons.”

How much is Colt Prattes Net Worth?

According to reliable sources, Colt’s current total assets are valued at more than $600,000 and are steadily increasing as a result of his acting career. Colt is very active on the web, as he considers his performance on well-known internet online platforms to be important for his acting and displaying careers.

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What is the Heigh of Colt Prattes?

Colt Prattes, an American actor, stands 180 cm (5’11”) tall and weighs approximately 83 kg. His hair and eyes are Lavender Grey and Dark Brown, respectively. He was born on August 28, 1986, so he will be 34 years old in 2020.

Colt Prattes’s Career Line

  • Colt’s career began after he graduated, when he began living in a nearby neighborhood. He rose to prominence after being cast as Johnny Castle in ABC’s remake of the famous “Grimy Dancing” film, which was originally played by Patrick Swayze.
  • During a meeting, Colt stated that he grew up watching “Filthy Dancing” and was thrilled to learn that he had been chosen to play the lead in the ABC remake of the film.
  • Colt has consistently moved for various artists – he can be seen moving in the “Attempt” music video performed by mainstream vocalist Pink, and he has also had a moving/acting role in the “This Close” TV arrangement.
  • Colt also performed at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, and he has appeared in a few theater plays, including his favorite, “Rock of Ages.” Colt is also a model, and he attributes his success to his love of working out and paying special attention to his appearance and eating habits – despite the fact that Colt has posed for a few magazines and brands, none of which appear to be particularly well-known or outstanding.
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