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How to Balance Working From Home and Being a Pet Parent

If you have a pet, the last thing you want to do is neglect or ignore them. You love your pet and want to spend as much time with them as possible—especially if you’re working from home. That said, there are some days when you just can’t be away from your computer for too long.

How can you balance your work schedule with your furry friend’s needs? How can you ensure they don’t feel neglected when they’re home alone all day? The answer is simple: try taking a few extra steps each day to ensure that neither party gets left out!

Spend Time With Your Pet Before You Start Work

If you have a pet, don’t start your day by working. Spend time with them first. I know what you’re thinking: “But how will I get anything done if I spend my morning hanging out with my dog instead of being productive?”

I hear you! But there are plenty of ways to get things done before the sun goes down and it’s time to head home for dinner. Here are some ideas:

  • Get up early or stay up late. If your schedule allows for it, wake up when the sun does—or go to bed when it gets dark outside—and use that extra time for exercise or other activities that help ensure a healthy mental state.
  • Go for a walk or run in the morning. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside because we all know rain is good for us! Besides, if it looks like rain but doesn’t feel like rain, put on waterproof gear and enjoy nature while stretching out those muscles after getting some fresh air into them!
  • You could even bring along an old tennis ball so Fido can get in on the fun too! That way, everyone wins! These activities keep you moving throughout the day, less sitting around staring at screens, which isn’t suitable for anyone, especially pests.

Get Some Play Toys for Your Pet

One of the best ways to bond with your pet is by spending quality time together. This can be done through playtime. If you don’t have essential pet toys, then buy from credible websites like PetCareRx.

Such websites have many options to offer at a reasonable price. Moreover, they mainly sell toys that are safe, appropriate for your pet’s age and size, and fun for both of you.

Whatever toys you buy should be durable enough to withstand aggressive chewing, and if you have an older dog that has lost its teeth, they might need some help keeping them entertained.

If your pet likes chasing balls or frisbees around the yard or park, consider getting a few, so there’s always one around when you want to go outside together.

If any toys are lying around in the house during work hours, don’t let your dog get too riled up about them before bedtime: sleep schedules are essential!

Use a Pet Food Dispenser for Busy Days

If you’re working from home and your pet is also inside, there may be days when you are too busy to feed them. Having a pet food dispenser will help prevent that from happening.

Choose the right one for your dog or cat. Many pet food dispensers do different things: some dispense dry kibble, others wet canned food, while others offer both options. You should choose the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Make sure it’s easy to use and clean up after. Since this system can save you time during busy days at work or when you are on vacation, it’s essential to have minimal fuss when using it—and to clean up afterward! If possible, look for one with features such as an integrated water bowl so that dogs don’t need another source of hydration nearby unless they prefer fresh water over canned/dry food.

Create a Soothing Environment for Your Pets to Enjoy

To create a soothing environment for your pets, ensure the space is safe. If you’re working from home and have pets, they must have a comfortable area to rest and relax.

Make sure it’s clean. As with any other room in your home, the pet area should be kept clean at all times by removing any messes immediately so as not to attract pests or cause allergies in humans or animals alike.

Make sure it’s comfortable for both dogs and cats—and, if possible, other furry friends too! You may want to consider providing different types of toys based on what kind of animal you have living with you.

For example, some dogs require to chew toys while others are content with just laying down on an old blanket during their downtime hike my dog. Cats generally prefer having something soft underneath them when sleeping—like a pillowcase filled with stuffed animals—but if this isn’t possible, many options are available online.

Stay in Tune With Your Pet’s Social Needs

Many pet parents are hesitant to work from home because they fear their pets will get lonely and depressed. The truth is that dogs and cats need socialization just as much as humans; they can develop behavioral problems if they don’t have human contact. They also need time to play with other animals, which helps them stay healthy.

If you want your furry friend to be happy in your absence, consider hiring a dog walker or cat sitter once or twice a week so your pets can get out of the house for fresh air and new faces. You should also ensure that you’re giving them plenty of attention each day when you’re home.

Try Not to Interrupt Playtime or Training Sessions

Working from home can be difficult for some people, especially if you love your pet as much as I do. There are some things to remember when working around your pet, though! One of the most important things is not interrupting playtime or training sessions if possible.

These are often critical times for our pets to learn new skills and maintain their socialization with other animals. If you need to interrupt, make sure you give them time afterward to recover from whatever they were doing before they started playing with you again.


We hope this article has given you some ideas about how to balance working from home and being a pet parent. If it’s still hard to find the balance between working from home and caring for your furry friends, don’t worry! There are lots of resources online that can help. Remember that it takes time and patience, but everything will fall into place with enough practice. Happy pet parenting!


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