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Importance of Writing for Students

In the journey of education, students learn new things in each stage. The student’s learning journey starts from school to high school and continues to the college level. In each step, they learn new skills that they will require in future. Among all these skills, is one of the essential skills that every student should learn without fail.

For students, it is an utmost requirement to learn writing skills. It provides opportunities for many vital facilities to help them flourish in their academics and other relevant aspects of their lives.

Students are required to write articles such as an article on teachers day, essay writing, speech writing, letter writing, etc., during their academics. But, many students do not seem to understand the importance writing has in their lives.

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This article will elaborate on the importance of writing and why it is taught in schools.

Why is Writing Taught in Schools?

1. Improves communication skills

Students should master their communication skills (verbal or non-verbal) to succeed in their academics and life. Honestly speaking, the entire life will have no meaning without communication, and it will be a waste. Due to this reason, writing has been integrated into the school curriculum to improve their writing skills significantly.

Students can improve their vocabulary, grammar, gestures, punctuation, paralinguistics, and spelling when they learn how to write. These aspects are an essential part of communication, and by including these aspects in our writing, we can clearly express our views directly to our readers or listeners.

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2. Improves creativity and imagination levels

Exploring creativity, especially writing, will be challenging if you don’t have your skills polished on time. Every individual is naturally creative, research says. So, make a habit of frequently writing, as it will enhance your brain to explore new ideas that can be used to solve real-life problems.

3. Widens knowledge base

Students can widen their knowledge significantly with writing. Writing requires a lot of research about things you might even be aware of. Before developing your writing skills, you should know how to read. While doing your research, you can learn new things related to your past events, current events, and possibly you can influence future generations with your present actions in the process.

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4. Essential for academic success

Writing is a crucial part of academics, without any doubt. It also plays an essential role in academic success. It is considered one of the vital requirements of a student to get good grades and a good degree at the end of it all.

Due to this reason, students take the help of good essay writing services. Students will be asked to write essays, speeches, letters, articles etc., as they are promoted to higher standards. So, students should also upgrade their vocabulary, spelling, grammar and writing skills.

5. Boosts level of confidence

Writing increases the confidence level of students, which will help them achieve success in their lives. As a student, we feel overwhelmed when we complete our essays and other assignments of writing on time. It gives us a feeling of fulfilment of successfully using our literary skills.


So, we can wrap up the article by stating that one should work on their writing skills from the beginning of their academic years. For students, improving their writing skills will help them in future. When you start your higher education, you need to write assignments, dissertations, etc. It will also be required if you want to pursue your career in writing. At school, students will be asked to write articles, essays, speeches, etc. such as an article on COVID-19, in their exam.


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