July 22


Leveraging SCRUM Best Practices to Establish Successful and Productive Sprints

The Agile framework is built upon several foundational concepts. Two of the most important — SCRUM and sprints — converge in sprint planning meetings. These meetings are often integral to developing new projects and tackling the backlog, but more importantly, they’re a part of the Agile framework that emphasizes collaboration. In order to make the most of these meetings and facilitate collaboration, leaders should invest in best practices to guide their agenda and inform their decisions. Check out the following SCRUM best practices that can help you make the most of your next meeting — and consider investing in Zoom Immersive View backgrounds to make it more exciting, too.

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Reach Group Consensus and Determine Task Ownership

Nothing is more important than teamwork in the context of the Agile framework. If you’re looking for a way to accomplish a task or jumpstart a project, you should consider what talents your teammates may be able to lend to it. Collaboration almost always makes your project stronger, and when you have a team of skilled professionals, it’s imperative that you take advantage of the skills that everybody brings to the table. You can start your next collaboration by choosing a custom Zoom virtual background that you can use in your meetings.

It should be noted, though, that collaboration should never come at the cost of accountability. Another integral concept in the Agile framework is the importance of task ownership. Indeed, one of the primary leadership roles in a SCRUM setting is that of the product owner. In order to effectively manage a project, team members must strike a careful balance between sharing tasks and taking ownership of work. Striking this balance can be a challenge, but it’s important to facilitate progress and keep the team on track. To achieve this, you should ensure that a project draws on all available team members’ talents while still maintaining a spirit of individual responsibility to motivate team members.

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Healthy Teamwork Capacities

A healthy sense of teamwork is the crux of any successful Agile project. Whether you’re working on a software development project or a marketing campaign, you can benefit from implementing the principles of SCRUM in your team’s work. This means supporting a balance between collaboration and individual achievement while also giving your team the tools necessary to maintain steady progress. Your team needs to have the capacity to succeed, and with the right custom Google Meet background, it will.

You can further support your team’s work by maintaining clearly designated roles and giving clearly delegated tasks. Some of the most important SCRUM roles include the development team, the SCRUM master, and the product owner. By carefully placing team members into these roles, you can ensure that their skills are being put to good use. You should check in regularly, too, to see whether any of your team members may need additional support in order to complete their delegated tasks. It can be difficult for team members to seek out support in the virtual environment, but extending the offer can combat this problem.

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