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Noah Shannon Green

Noah Shannon Green is a famous star kid. He belongs to the celebrity family and despite being so young he has gained a lot of followers because of the craze that his parents possess in the entertainment industry. At the age of 8, he has been on the public eye and has achieved more exposure to the media being a star kid and his parents have been in on and off relation since they started dating which has caught a lot of media eyes.

Noah Shannon Green is just 8 years old but he has received all the fame and name at such an early age. He is one of the cutest celebrity children in the industry and has passed all the star kid in gaining fame of his own. Until now he hasn’t been part of the industry as he has stayed away from all kinds of movies and shows.

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NameNoah Shannon Green
BirthdaySeptember 27, 2012
Height3 ft 9 in
ParentsMegan Fox(Mother) Brian Austin Green (father)
Net WorthAbove $20million

10 Facts on Noah Shannon Green:

  1. Noah Shannon Green was born on September 12, 2012, in the United States of America.
  2. Noah’s age as of 2020 is just 8 years old as today on September 12, 2020, he marked his 8th birthday.
  3. Despite being a star kid and born to a celebrity family he isn’t featured in Wikipedia yet.
  4. His height is approximately 3 feet and 9 inches tall which is about 114 cm tall.
  5. Talking about his parents he is the son of a famous American actress and model Megan Fox and his father Brain Austin Green is a famous actor, director, rapper, and producer.
  6. Noah Shannon Green is the son of Megan fox who started dating Brain when she was just 18 and they have been in an on and off a relationship and they finally separated in May 2020.
  7. Noah isn’t available on Instagram as he is too young to use but he has made his cameo in his parent’s Instagram which has grabbed the attention of many fans.
  8. Noah’s mother Megan is currently in a relationship with famous rapper Machine Gun Kelly and he has even met her children.
  9. His net worth is not unveiled yet but his parents’ net worth is more than 20 million dollars.
  10. Until now Noah hasn’t featured in any kind of movie and television series.
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