March 22


Personal Lawyers and Life-long Associations


There come times in life where people often feel conflicted to hold an opinion. It neither seems right to support a certain theory nor does it seem okay to tag it wrong. Hence, the only way out is to hold a neutral and unbiased opinion as per the demands of the situation and life circumstances. Likewise, the same approach is followed in family-related matters mostly joint business, assets, properties. The fragility and sensitivity of such relationships is owed to the feelings, emotions, and bonds attached to them. Therefore, it becomes extremely difficult and necessary to keep the sanctity of such bonds alive for life. Family matters often take an ugly turn when family members argue with each other and reach a dead end in terms of finding a solution to some pressing factors.

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This often leads to grievances, and bitter feelings towards each other. Consequently, there is a danger of facing soured relationships, acidic behaviours, and bitter memories. In this regard, the right approach should be to prevent something from happening rather than finding a cure afterwards. Therefore, people who face family-related turmoil should consult law professionals to fix their personal as well as professional inconveniences. These experts are called Personal Lawyers. For instance, if disputes arise between the owners of a company in a family business, then the right strategy should be to let your trusted and expert lawyers and the bad blood in a legal manner.

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Moreover, these dependable Personal Lawyers, have a life-long liaison with the clients who hire them to be their go-to help in any complicated life scenario. Furthermore, their expertise in the Family Law category makes them more useful for the clients. This expert knowledge benefits the client at all levels of their personal as well as professional life. Personal clashes can soon take a catastrophic turn if not dealt timely and properly. Therefore, only a few law experts know the gimmicks to manoeuvre unfavourable circumstances in favour of his client. The reason is that he has a lifelong association with such clients. He knows them inside and out. In addition to it, he is well aware of their professional do’s and don’ts. Hence, he is at an advantageous level of finding the right kind of solution even at the wrong time.

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Additional Knowledge: Study Labour and Employment Lawyers


From UAE perspective, we need to explain and understand the Advocates and Legal Consultants both. Just UAE National can be the Advocate and Legal Consultant. Just UAE National has right to appear in Court and deliver the legal representation in Court or any other legal matter except arbitration. Arbitration can be performed by anyone. Legal Consultants can also be those who are not UAE Nationals but they have a professional degree and license to operate in UAE. But these legal experts can’t appear in Court therefore known as legal consultants only. As far as licensing is concerned then, licnesed are issued as ABU DHABI, DUBAI, RAK, and the general which is from MOJ or Ministry if Justice. Further to this, please do contact, legal experts in UAE like Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants.

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