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Top 5 Secrets of Wealth They Don’t Write About in Books

“You are not born rich – you become rich” – this simple truth can throw you into a state of despair. However, for those who are used to action, these words are more likely to become a reason to change a lot of things in your life. After all, who doesn’t want to hit a jackpot at casino online echtgeld? And in this context, the motto is inspiring, as it gives everyone a ghostly chance to become rich. You only need to know the secrets of wealth, which aren’t written about in books.

There Is no Better Time Than Now

The hardest part of any business is getting started. That is why many people wait for better times: when there is free money, when there is more time, and whatever other reasons may stop them on their way to find wealth.

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Every new day is also a missed opportunity. If you start a new business right now, today, you have already taken the first step toward the future. You should always take every opportunity to earn something, learn something new, etc. Opportunities, unfortunately, have a limit. An opportunity can present itself for a minute, an hour, a day, or it is very easy to miss it. So, there is no better time than now!

Plan for the Long-Term Future

In former times, especially in times of total deficit, the Russian people were used to saving for a “rainy day”. The sense of insecurity about the future, apparently, subconsciously, is in everyone. So, all major purchases were made thoughtfully, and if a thing was purchased, but not for one decade, and sometimes for life.

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At the beginning of the third millennium the situation changed dramatically. Now people become the owner of something, and then pay for it because saving money makes no sense – inflation eats everything up. And many people just don’t think about how much money they have to give away now, which means they have to invest their labor. Sometimes it turns out that the invested costs are much higher, and if given the chance to change everything, many wouldn’t make this purchase.

The Right Attitude to Money

Most people have a wrong attitude towards money. They see it as an end in itself, sometimes a lifelong goal. In this case, money, or rather the lack of it, makes many people jealous and hate those who have a lot of it. You should try to adjust yourself so that you perceive money as a way of realizing some opportunities. In this case, you will feel real freedom and learn to plan your life so that not everything in it depends on money.

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No money for an expensive resort – be content with fishing in a picturesque place. But if you save money this year, you’ll be able to invest it, and if you get a profit, you’ll go on the best holidays.

The Right Goal

There’s no need to think of money as a true value. In fact, it’s just a means to a certain end. And to set as a goal the desire to get a million dollars in itself makes no sense. Realistic goals should be formulated: to build a house in a high-end location, to buy a high-end car, and so on. Then the goal won’t be commensurate with a bunch of colored papers, which, in fact, are the money.

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Money Isn’t Real

Money in today’s world is just a medium of exchange. If you want to become really rich, you have to focus your attention on creating some kind of value, and then money will grow on its own. When your attention and all your energy is focused on achieving health, it really will. If you want to be rich, you need to create additional value that can then be exchanged for money.


If you create value that people will need, you can become rich. When your labor is of value to people, there will always be someone who will give you any money for that labor of yours. You have to be competitive. And people who are quick and easy to get money, if they haven’t turned it into value, are quick to lose even very large sums.

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