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Wayne Carey Affair: Where is Kelli Stevens Now?

Where is Keli Stevens Now? Keli Stevens and Wayne Carey affair have piqued the public’s interest once again. Know everything here!!

Mrs. Stevens is a normal Australian citizen known for being the ex-wife of footballer Anthony Stevens. Also, she is well-recognized for her extramarital affair with her husband’s friend Wayne Carey.

As of now, the matter again came in the highlight after Brent Harvey recently opened about how the scandal tore their club apart.

Kelii Stevens Now: Wayne Carey Affair Explained

Kelii Stevens now must be living somewhere in Australia now.

However, we are not sure about her whereabouts.

Kelli Stevens and Waney Carey‘s affair got public in 2002.

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During that time both Kelli and Wayne had been at a  party along with their respective partners.

However, they were exposed after Kelli’s ex-husband Anthony caught them coming out of a bathroom together at a party, reported Yahoo Sports.

Soon the news went all over the media and it was considered as the AFL’s biggest sex scandal.

Kelli’s ex-husband Anthony Stevens and Wayne Carey both played for the same club and were best friends.

Moreover, soon after the scandal, Wayne left the club and moved to Adelaide Crows.

Her Age And Wikipedia

Kelli Stevens’s age seems to be in the late-40s.

The ex-wife of Anthony Stevens has not revealed her exact age and date of birth, but we assumed her age on the basis of her recent pictures.

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However, her ex-husband is 49 years currently.

Kelli Stevens’s Wikipedia is also undocumented.

As she is a normal citizen her undocumented bio makes sense.

Her Family And Children

Kelli Stevens had a beautiful family with Anthony Stevens.

However, the family’s happiness lasted only until her affair with Wayne Carey became public.

Kelli had 2 children with Anthony Stevens.

As per Anothony’s Wikipedia bio, the name of their children is River Stevens and Ayva Stevens.

The couple parted their ways soon after the scandal. And, as of now, we are not sure if Kelli is involved in any kind of romantic relationship.

Kelli Net Worth Explored

Kelli Stevens’s net worth is off the record.

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We are not sure about her job and career so it is hard for us to even predict her earning.

However, we hope that the lady is living a fulfilled and comfortable life.


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