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 What Does it Mean to Have a Successful Billboard in Colorado?

The goal of an ad campaign is always to reach the target audience and bring in new business. Advertisers in Colorado have been doing an excellent job at making sure their out of home marketing efforts are being rewarded. If you are looking to advertise your business in Colorado, here are a few things that will contribute to your success.

Choosing a City

When it comes to advertising, success is measured by the amount of impressions you can make with your advertisement. This is why the city you choose for your billboard is going to play a role in how well your ad will serve your business. You are going to want to look in the areas that have the highest population. In Colorado that would be Denver, Colorado Springs and Aurora. Let’s look at some of the stats on each city for further context.

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Denver: Denver is going to be the most populous city in Colorado with a population of almost 730,000 people. The average cost of a billboard is around $2.76k with the lowest possible price being $285. Denver has plenty of prime advertising locations such as around Interstates 25 and 70 as well as U.S. Highway 287. This city also has three major airports, which also provide great opportunities for advertisers.

In addition to the opportunities around highways and airports, Denver also has a thriving college scene. With the University of Denver and Colorado State University both in the vicinity, businesses with young adult or college aged clientele have prime advertising opportunities in this city. Denver is also known for housing stadiums such as Coors Field and Pepsi Center. These stadiums are high-traffic areas that are great for getting your ads seen.

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Colorado Springs: Colorado Springs is the second most populous city in Colorado with a population of just over 470,000 people. The average cost of Colorado Springs billboards is lower than Denver at around $1.87k. State Highway 21, Canam Highway and Interstate 25 make for prime advertising territory in this city.

There are plenty of opportunities to advertise to tourists in this area as there are a variety of outdoor attractions in Colorado Springs. The Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo attract tons of visitors each year. They also have the Cave of the Winds Mountain Park, Manitou Cliff Dwellings and Balanced Rock, all of which can have targeted ads placed nearby.

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Aurora: Coming in at the third most populous city in Colorado is Aurora. Aurora is home to around 380,000 people. Advertising comes at a much lower cost in this city with billboards averaging around $123. The reason for this is due to the lower impression rate. Aurora is a largely suburban area making it harder to achieve high visibility with advertisements.

With that being said, there is plenty of space near the highways to get your ads seen. Interstate 70 and 225 both run through this city.  There are also several airports that advertisers can utilize. If you are working on a budget, or are trying to advertise to a local market, Aurora could be a great place for you to advertise your business.

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Choosing the Right Spot

Once you know what city is right for your business to advertise in, you are going to want to make sure your ad is where your target audience can see it. You should consider if you want to prioritize placing your ad in a place with high foot traffic and visibility, or if you want to prioritize placing your ad somewhere near where your product or service is sold. If you are selling luxury products, you want to make sure your advertisement is where people who can afford it will see it. Likewise, if you are looking to advertise to young adults, place your advertisement by the nearest college campus. Your billboard can be the most eye-catching and visually stunning advertisement in the state, but it will only be successful if it is in front of the right audience.

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Another component of a successful billboard is design. If your business does not have an in-house design department, you will want to outsource. Text and visuals need to be strategically placed and colors and fonts need to be specifically chosen to catch the eye. Billboards can be costly, so if you are going to allocate a large sum of money to advertising, you want to make sure you are doing it right.

Advertising Success in Colorado

Success can be measured in many different ways, but for advertisers the only thing that matters is the amount of new business that comes from the impressions your advertisement makes. You know the needs of your business best, so choose wisely when selecting a city and location. And don’t forget to make sure you have an unforgettable design that will leave a long lasting impression.

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